Zero Violation Club

Organization Name Zero Violation Club
Organization Type Sports
Organization Objectives
  • Providing young talent at RK University encouraging and growing the rates of participation in basketball at all age levels and across Gender in the University.
  • Providing potential basketball players at RKU an aspirational pathway for a Professional basketball career and fulfillment of their individual sporting potential.
  • Promoting collaborations across schools at the University with domestic and international student players at campus.
  • Providing the students of RK a forum to foster and grow their community spirit and pride through their shared support of their own school team.
Planned Activities
  • First tournament to promote the club with mutual cooperation with every school of RK University
  • Friendly matches
  • Seminar on awareness on basketball and its scope in future
  • invitational school tournament


Students Committer members Coordinator – Adityaraj Barik, B.Sc.MRIT, Faculty of Medicine,
Convener – Meenakshi N. Sharma, School of Physiotherapy,
Treasurer – Bhagirath R. Pokar, School of Physiotherapy,
Faculty Advisor
  • Shweta Rakholiya, Assistant Professor, School of Physiotherapy
Membership fees and Criteria to Join organization Criteria:

  • To be a part of the club one should be the student of RK University and should have interest in playing Basketball.
  • The joining players must have a proper kit.
  • A yearly subscription of ₹ 500. per member will be collected to bear the expenses of the club.
  • Students who want to join as member without prior basketball knowledge will not have to undergo any selection process.
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