Organization Name SAE India Collegiate club
Organization Type Academic
Organization Objectives
  • Stimulates student participation in projects that require the application of engineering Knowledge and promote professional growth.
  • Visits to industrial plants and engineering research centres.
  • Encourages students to prepare technical presentations for collegiate club meetings, section meetings and for entry in student level competitions.
  • Furthers informal contacts with engineers active in industry and government through joint meetings with the section.
  • Encouraging participation in national and international events conducted by SAE India.
Planned Activities
  • Seminar/webinar on real time dynamic simulation of vehicle test.
  • Seminar/webinar on weight optimization for vehicle using ANSYS LS DYNA
  • Competition for official logo and poster for club in 2015.
  • Industrial visits
  • Participation in International event “BAJA SAEINDIA 2016”
  • “National Gokart racing championship” by INEEE
  • Participation in international event “e-BAJA SAEINDIA 2016”
Students Committer Members Gautam Jayesh Sureshchandra (Coordinator, SOE).
Faculty Advisor
Membership fees and
Criteria to Join organization
  • Membership fees according to yearly membership fees of SAE India. (500/- for 2015).
  • Team participation and registration fees for “Virtual BAJA 2015”. (520/- for 2015). {Note: The team registration is already being done for 2015. but one can join as member of SAE India}.
  • Additional Rs. 100 per student for internal expenses.
  • The fees are non-refundable.
  • Any UG student from 4th and 6th semester Mechanical and Electrical Engineering enrolled at SOE, RKU.
  • Interested to learn Mobility Technology
  • Participate in national and international events conducted by SAE
  • Willing to share knowledge & eager to uplift self and peers
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