Microbiologist’s Club

Organization Name Microbiologist’s Club
Organization Type Academic
Organization Objectives
  • To promote activities related to Microbiology
  • To promote awareness about Microbiology
Planned Activities
  • Quize compitition
  • Immunological Rangoli Competition
  • Microbiom Food Festival
  • Poster presentation
Students Committer members Coordinator – Poulomi Manna
Convener – Sayani Sen
Treasurer – Vadhvaniya Komal
Faculty Advisor 1. Vijay Kumar
2. Swati Goswami
3. Nisha Trivedi
Membership fees and Criteria to Join organization Fees Rs. 100/-
INR 100/- Any students from B. Sc., M. Sc. Or any Life science student can join
Registration Link Hard Copy of form is available