Imagination to Implementation

Organization Name Imagination to Implementation
Organization Type Academic
Organization Objectives
  • Learning booming technologies beyond curricula
  • Exploring new project ideas and taking them to implementation level
  • Participating in various state and national level events
  • Portfolio creation of students by building innovative projects
  • Providing technical and logistic support for new start-ups and innovations
  • Collaboration with innovative project development agencies for further assistance
Planned Activities
  • Participation in state/national level hackathons
  • Participation in robotics based event of state and national level
  • Organizing technical workshops on booming technologies
  • Development of different working models
  • Weekly sessions by senior students and faculties to enhance the skills of juniors
Students Committee members Coordinator – Brijesh Vadodariya(SOE,CE)
Convener – Sejpalsinh Jadeja(SOE,CE)
Treasurer – Bhagirath Galathiya(SOE,CE)
Faculty Advisor 1. Vijay Dubay(Faculty of Technology,Electrical Engineering Department)
Sheetal Pandya(Faculty of Technology,Computer Engineering Department)
Membership fees and Criteria to Join organization
  • Existing students of school of engineering and school of diploma studies are eligible to become member of this organization
  • Membership fees is 100 rupees
  • Any student who wants to become a member of this organization will undergo 15 days of trial period and based on the performance and punctuality in the trial period , selection of the candidate will be done.
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