Organization Name Helping Hands and Caring Hearts (HHCH)
Organization Type Social & Humanitarian
Organization Objectives · To serve humanity by providing them medical facilities.
· To promote humanistic activities on and off University campus.
· To organize various health checkup camp for RKU students & staff.
· To give opportunities to RKU students to be a responsible citizen.  
Planned Activities · Blood Donation camp
· Hemoglobin checkup camps & medicine distribution to the required students
· Dental checkup camp and guidance to students by dentists at RKU campus
· Thalassemia Test
· Distribution of food/fruits at hospitals and orphanages
Students Committer members Coordinator – Ravi Vachhani, SCS, MCA V Semester,
Convener – Divyesh Rojivadiya, SCS, MCA V Semester,
Treasurer – Chirag Bavaliya, SCS, MCA V Semester,  
Faculty Advisor 1. Nirav Bhatt, SCS, MCA,
2. Rahim Dhanani, SCS, MCA,
Membership fees and Criteria to Join organization - 100 Rs. One time Membership fees
- Any RKU student can join
- Interested to contribute in social Initiatives
- Students who are working at present with any Social NGO
Registration Link -
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