Organization Name BHASHA
Organization Type Academic
Organization Objectives The objectives of the organization are:


  • To help students overcome apprehensions regarding English language.
  • To help establishing English speaking environment across the University.
  • To encourage students’ participation in the events like Public Speaking, Debate, Creative Writing etc.
Planned Activities
  • Public Speaking
  • Group Discussion
  • Open House Event
  • Elocution
  • Table Talks
Students Committer members Coordinator – Drishti Khatwani(Ayurvedic college)
Convener – Neha Mandani(SOE,CE)
Faculty Advisor 1. Kinjal Mehta, CESL
2. Pradeep Makwana, CESL
Membership fees and Criteria to Join organization Criteria:

  • Students who can hold the conversation confidently and fluently.
  • Students who are willing to enhance English Language Skills.
  • All the students who are eager and can shoulder the responsibility to cultivate English Speaking Culture in the University.
  • Students who can encourage other learners to maintain english speaking culture.

Membership Fees:Nil

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