Medicinal Plants Club

Organization Name Medicinal Plants Club
Organization Type Academic
Organization Objectives
  • To understand the importance of treasure of Medicinal Plants at RK University
  • To prepare knowledge treasure - a detailed strong important database about medicinal plants available at RKU for future research
  • To spread awareness about medicinal plants
  • To promote propagation of medicinal plants within community
Planned Activities
  • Medicinal plant awareness drive
  • Prepare database
  • Prepare video of medicinal plants
  • Meetings
Students Committee members Coordinator – Suman Bordsadiya
Convener – Ujas Surani
Treasurer – Merin Sara
Faculty Advisor 1.Dr. Vaibhavi Savalia
2. Dr. Devang Pandya
Membership fees and Criteria to Join organization
  • Any existing enrolled student or faculty of RK University can become member of Medicinal plants club.
  • Membership application form will be activated in July and December months every year.
  • Registration fees for being a member of this organization will be 100 rupees per year which is non-refundable.
  • Registration fees will be utilized in the promotional activities of the organization and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • The organization will have full authority to terminate the membership of any member in case of breaking of the rules or misbehaviour.
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