The Academic and Operational Audit Services (ACOPAS) monitors academic and operational services of all facilities of the RKU. The primary objective of the ACOPAS is to ascertain the effectiveness and efficiency of various academic and operational processes of the university. As such ACOPAS:

  • Conducts academic audits of all academic units of the university.
  • Conducts an operational audit of all academic and administrative units of the university.
  • Develops processes and guidelines for such audits and makes them known throughout the university.
  • Provides academic and operational advisory services to all units of the university.
  • Develops and disseminates knowledge of best practices in the concerned domain.

A Central Estate team has been established for the maintenance of infrastructural facilities. For maintenance of various civil, electrical and mechanical devices, the staff members use the Workplace platform to lodge the complaints.

For usage of various central facilities like auditorium, seminar halls, Yoga hall etc. of the university, an online registration facility has been established.