Android Club

Organization Name Android Club
Organization Type Academic
Organization Objectives

Android Club’s objective is to train the students to build and develop android mobile application. Android Club will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • The capabilities and limitations of android platforms that are used for application development and deployment.
  • The technology and business trends impacting android application development.
  • Model and manage mobile application development using android studio.
  • learn to work with software/hardware tools to develop, test and debug mobile applications.
Planned Activities
  • Hybrid application development workshops
  • Workshops on hosting mobile applications
  • Troubleshooting Session and helping other in projects


Students Committer members Coordinator – Vivek Chavda,School of Engineering,
Convener – Rahul Jagetiya, School of Engineering,
Treasurer – Sandip Ghosh, School of Engineering,
Faculty Advisor
  • Jasmin Jasani, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering
Membership fees and Criteria to Join organization Criteria:

  • Any student apart from core branches of computer/IT who has basic undestanding of app designing can become member of this club.
  • Students from Computer engineering, Information Technology, BCA, and MCA branch who are studying in RKU can become member of android club.
  • Eager to explore the mobile app development and willing to share the knowledge to peer students.
  • Major criteria to become member is one should have atleast basic android development knowledge.
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