Organization Name Product Design
Organization Type Academic
Organization Objectives
  • To learn process of a product design.
  • To learn AutoCAD and CREO as primary CAD Design Tools.
  • To learn market survey required as a product survey.
  • To undertake case studies for a product design.
  • To visit industry to learn product design.
  • To learn other design tools like CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, Solid Works, Ansys etc.
  • To work on some industry project of a product design.
Planned Activities
  • The organization member will be given application based training on their request.
  • Expert lecture of a designer who have created/invented a product.
  • Internal Competition of product design with software tools
  • The members will visit any industry who is working closely with area of Product Design.
  • Students will be given some of the case studies to work with. This may be industry live projects.
  • A Technoplanet Event will be completely managed by organization members.)
Students Committee members Coordinator – Akhandjyoti Gupta (19SOEME13902)
Convener – Reon Robert (18SOEME11011)
Treasurer – Surendra Mahara (19SOEME11008)
Faculty Advisor 1. Chetankumar Patel
2. Mr. Suhag R. Unjiya
Membership fees and Criteria to Join organization
  • There are no membership fees for the organization. But, there will be event specific fees if needed.
  • Any students of University irrespective to the school, can join who have interest in product design.
By joining the organization, members will have following benefits….

1. Design is a creative task. By joining the organization, the members will have higher level of creativity and innovation.

2. Here, something is designed and created. Creation of anything gives pleasure and satisfaction.

3. The members have an opportunity to use their domain knowledge for the solution of a real life problem.

4. Product design is most of the time inter disciplinary task. The members are working in a team of diversified disciplines. So the member will get knowledge of other disciplines.

5. The member will have an opportunity to have interaction with design experts from the university as well as industry.

6. The members will have industry visits.

7. The members will participate in various design competition, seminars, workshops etc.

8. For innovative product, the member can have a patent filing on their names.

9. The members will learn various computer tools for designing.

10. The members can have more focus in their final year project/s if it is related to product design.

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