Organization Name Soul of Music
Organization Type Cultural and Recreational
Organization Objectives
  • To create a stress free soulful musical environment and to promote musical activities at the university.
  • To help the students retain and enhance their own, individual love of music.
  • To identify hidden talent, explore their skills among the group and provide them an opportunity to show their potential on a common platform.
  • To encourage and prepare students to participate in the state as well as national level singing events.
  • To collaborate with the other social organizations of university and organize musical programs.
Planned Activities
  • Singing competitions for RKU and non - RKU students
  • Musical workshops like DJ Mixing, Basic vocal training, Instrument playing, etc.
  • Regular Musical Meet on every Saturday and during non-working days
  • Musical program for faculties and students for entertainment purpose
  • Small events for the celebration of special days of university
Students Committee members Coordinator – Reon Robert(SOE,ME)
Convener – Vivek Joshi(SOP)
Treasurer – Harsh Ved(SOE,CE)
Faculty Advisor
  • Vijay Dubay(Faculty of Technology,Electrical Engineering Department)
  • Rahul Parmar(School of Science)
  • Nisha Trivedi(School of Science)
Membership fees and Criteria to Join organization
  • The applicant will be eligible for a membership of this organization for one year during the current academic year. No fees required to become a member
  • Members of the organization will be able to share their skills in the regular meetings during the non-teaching hours and non-teaching days and make them keep in touch with the music. Also they will get a practice platform to participate in any state or national level singing competitions.
  • Members of the organization will be given an opportunity to explore their skills during the musical programs executed by the organization. All the decisions will be taken by the core members of the organization.
  • The organization will be having a full authority to terminate the membership of any member in case of any kind of breakage of the rules or misbehaviour.
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