Organization Name Pharma Health Club
Organization Type Academic & Cultural
Organization Objectives
  • To spread awareness about common illness & their homemade remedies across various region of Rajkot & RKU members.
  • To address health related queries of RKU members.
  • To arrange health associated camps & seminars by the experts.
  • To conduct pharma field related activities among all medico field students.
Planned Activities
  • Health awareness drives at several public places in Rajkot.
  • Teachers day celebration.
  • World pharmacist day celebration.
  • Anti-mosquitoes Fumigation Drive across RKU.
  • Various skill enhancing programs like Hospital training, Instrumental Training, etc.
  • Awareness webinars like Blood donation, Thalassaemia, etc.
  • Expert talk on various health related issues.
Students Committee members Coordinator – Coordinator – Kishan Kariya
Convener – Convener – Ishan Gupta
Treasurer – Yash Ardesana
Faculty Advisor 1. Mr. Tejas Ganatra
2. Mr. Mr. Sohil Chauhan
Membership fees and Criteria to Join organization
  • No Registration Fee
  • Anyone with medical or paramedical background and more importantly people with good vision towards their responsibilities for society can be the member of our club.

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