Organization Name Aero Modeling
Organization Type Academic
Organization Objectives

Aero Modelling is the art of designing, building and flying miniaturized Aircraft (powered or non-powered). It is both a hobby and sport; the hobby aspect involves building and assembling model aircraft, and the sport part involves the flying.

“Aero Modelling” or “Model Aviation” refers to the building and flying of model aircraft. Model Aircraft are often scaled-down versions of full-size planes and are either flying or non-flying models of existing aircraft. They are made using materials such as polystyrene, balsa wood, foam and fiber glass.

The models are either static non-flying models, or flying models, and both have different construction techniques. “It’s a dream of every human to fly and reach the sky; either in terms of glory or literally. This aspiration to be in the wind and above all gives thrill and when you can’t do so, you resort to objects and make them fly.” Through Aero Modelling Club, we offer a unique Learn with Fun educational Hobby of Aero Modelling, prescribed by RK University as a co-curricular activity, which a Student can pursue in other than school hours. Aero modelling club @ RK University has been started in Year 2013.

Idea was not only to conceptualize the events of Flying but to facilitate the interested students to recognize their potential in Designing, Simulating, Fabricating and Flying. This is not alone a hobby but also to recognize individual potential in case He/She wants to opt his/her carrier in Aero Space Industry.

Planned Activities Activity We perform @ Aero Modelling Club
A. Designing
B. Fabricating
C. Simulating
D. Flying
E. Related Workshops & Seminars
F. Competitions
Students Committer members

Coordinator – Gunjan Vaishnav (19SOEME13002)

Convener – Jalpan Joshi (18SOEME11006)

Treasurer – Faizal Deraiya (19soeme13009)

Faculty Advisor 1. Mr. Suhag Unjiya
2. Mr. Milan Sanathara
Membership fees and Criteria to Join organization Membership Criteria of Aero Modelling Club Aero Modelling Club is formed for students and professionals of all branches of science and technology. For the enrolment in Aero Modelling club member will have to pay fees of 500 Rs/year. All the members must follow the rules and regulations defined by the organization. Rules and Regulations:
1. All the members must remain present in event/activity organized by the Aero Modelling Organization.
2. All the members must pay fees at the time of registration.
3. Club expenditure and other costs i.e. Preliminary cost of equipments (Remote Control Kit) and raw material for activity and projects defined by club, preliminary cost of workshop and seminars, will be funded from the fees collection from the students members. If any amount remain unused than it will be refunded to the student members at the end of duration of organization.
4. Member or group of members can use the kit (Remote Control Kit) available with the club to test and fly models designed by them.
5. Major cost (Cost of BLDC, Servos, Batteries, ) of the activity and project defined by individual member or group of members will not be funded from the fees collections.
6. A Group of club members must design, built and fly at list one Aero Model in a year. Design of Aero Model must be innovative. Maximum number of member in a group can be three.
7. In case of cancellation of registration any amount of fees will not be refunded.
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