About Workshop

Title : Workshop on Solar Energy System Design
Sponsored by : Gujcost and DST
Date : 12-11-2019 and 13-11-2019
Venue : SOE seminar hall

The usage of solar energy is increasing at a tremendous rate. Owing to its distinct merits, the solar energy has become more popular among common public. In day to day life, people have started harnessing solar energy in ways heating and generating electricity. To avail more benefits and spread this free source of energy to a broader society, it requires exploring and modifying its applications. The training sessions are targeted to deliver pro-active lessons to the students so as to develop scientific attitudes and to enhance the learning of solar technology and its applications.

This workshop is aimed to provide hands-on approach to the participants to design and implement solar energy system design. At the end of the workshop participants will be able to create the projects on solar energy.

Registration Fees

Student Participants (Diploma, UG&PG) - Rs. 350/- (Lunch included.)

Chief Patrons

Mr. Khodidasbhai Patel,
SHTC Trust


Mr. Denish Patel,
Executive Vice–President,


Dr. N. B. Kalani,
Faculty of Technology,

Prof. Bharat Asodariya,
HOD of EC and EE,
School of Engineering,

Eminent Speakers

Mr. Darshak Akabari (JJ PV Solar)

Mr. Dharmin Kher (Equinox Solar Pvt Ltd)

Prof. Bharat Asodariya, Head of Electrical Engineering, RK University.


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