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New biotechnology and drug discovery technologies are facilitating the rapid expansion of the clinical drug chest, empowering clinicians with a better understanding of disease as well as novel modalities for treating patients. Important research tools and themes include analytical methods like genomics, proteomics, ligand-receptor interaction, signal transduction, rational drug design, biochips and microarrays, clinical trial designs for biotechnological products are very important aspects in drug discovery and design of biotech products.

This workshop has been planned with an aim to have training of technique and development of biotech drug in clinical trial by academic and industrial experts related to designing and development of biotech drug for the benefit of research scholars and post graduate students hailing from different institutes across the India.


We believe that RKU is a place where “Change” happens. Our students are challenged and motivated to change their perspectives by our faculties. Our faculties constantly change their pedagogies and instructional approaches to match industry requirements and student needs. Our students go on to change the society with the knowledge they have acquired at RKU. It is virtuous cycle of “change” that happens only in the beautiful and serene campus of RKU.


School of Pharmacy, RK University is engaged in imparting education of B. Pharm, Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D), M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics, Quality assurance and Pharmacology) and Doctorate degrees (Ph. D.) in Pharmacy. The school is a part of campus of RK University and houses 15 laboratories, 4 class rooms, and library with Wi-Fi network, learning resource center, medicinal garden, animal house and administrative area. The building is an architectural splendor with ultramodern amenities, specifically designed to suit the requirements of Pharmacy education. Mentioned below are some highlights of School of Pharmacy:

  • Faculties: 8 Professors and 8 Ph. D. guides from reputed educational background
  • Active learning techniques to make students’ learning easy and engrossing.
  • Coaching for competitive exams from 5th sem. B. Pharm.
  • Research projects and Instrumentation training in B. Pharm.
  • Training to B. Pharm. students in hospital pharmacy and retail pharmacy.
  • Communication skills courses along with mock interviews and group discussion.
  • Training & Placement oriented MoU with industries and hospitals.
  • Fruitful placement initiatives.
  • One of the largest animal house and herbal garden of Gujarat provides plant material and pre-clinical research services.
  • Instrumentation facilities provided to research scholars of Chemistry (Analytical and Medicinal) and Pharmaceutics.
  • Frequent guest lectures by experts of pharmaceutical industry, hospital pharmacy, retail pharmacy, entrepreneurs, MBA, pharmaceutical marketing and Govt. sector.
  • Strong alumni support within pharma field.
  • Participation in medical camps & community service.
  • World Pharmacists Day celebrations with activities centered around Pharmacy profession.
  • Regular conduction of Refresher course for Registered Pharmacist sponsored by Gujrat State Pharmacy Council.


Mr. Sachin Verma,

Senior Research Scientist,
Celestial division for downstream processing of plasma products, Ahmedabad.

Dr. Ashutosh Jani,

Senior Journal Manager in Clinical Trials,
Department at Lambda Therapeutic Research,

Dr. Vijay Kumar,

Associate Professor, Head, Department of Microbiology,
School of Science, RK University, Rajkot.

Dr. Ketaki Ramani,

Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology,
School of Science, RK University.

Dr. Swati Goswami,

Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology,
School of Science, RK University.




Dr. Devang J. Pandya,
Professor & Dy. Director, School of Pharmacy
RK University, Rajkot.


Dr. Pravin R. Tirgar,
Professor, School of Pharmacy,
RK University, Rajkot.



  • Demonstration – SDS PAGE and Western Blotting Techniques.
  • Demonstration - DNA isolation and Gel electrophoresis Techniques.
  • Role of biosimilar in pharmaceutical industry.
  • Hands on session about Clinical trial protocol design for biotechnological product.
  • Poster Session and Oral presentation.

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